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  • Arabic Study Programs in the Arab World [MESA]
  • Bibliography of Lexicographic and Etymological Resources for Arabic
  • Digital Dialects, Arabic
  • Arab Academy
  • Islamic Calligraphy (Blog: learning Arabic, study abroad programs in Egypt, Arabic calligraphy, Arabic courses, Arabic language, Arabic online, Arab culture, Arab history, Arab women, Islam and Travel to Egypt).
  • Arabic Calligraphy
  • National Geographic for Kids in #Arabic
  • Write your name in Arabic calligraphy
  • Arabic News Aggregator
  • Eurabic vs Arabic A talk about the Dutch Role in Middle Eastern Arabic printing " Western scholars of Islam have a tradition of writing and printing Arabic in a mixture of styles enriched with fantasy constructions. This produced a new kind of script, Eurabic, while in the Middle East typography for Islamic scripts only gained wide acceptance following Ohannis Mühendisoğlu’s successful adhering to Arabic script grammar with stylistic consistency. In the 20th century, superior Western technology was exclusively geared to Eurabic, and as a result it gained a powerful foothold in the Middle Eastern market. Computer technology adapted Eurabic rather than Arabic, which led to a sudden prominence of Eurabic to the detriment of Arabic.  Eurabic script is now well-established and can be considered almost a separate branch in the family of Semitic scripts. As the demand for script grammar-driven Arabic remains, technical support for it on the computing platform is growing steadily. As a result Arabic and Eurabic now exist side by side."
  • Battling to Preserve Arabic From English's Onslaught / By D. D. GUTTENPLAN. NYT article on improving native speakers' Arabic. Published: June 11, 2012
  • Thesaurus d'Epigraphie Islamique. The goal of the Thesaurus d'Epigraphie Islamique is to bring together all of the inscriptions in Arabic, Persian and Turkish (as well as in other "small" languages) from the Muslim world up to the year 1000 of the Hegira. The Thesaurus d'Epigraphie Islamique is a vital resource for historians, art historians and other specialists of the region.
  • United Nations Multilingual Terminology Database

Arabic Corpora

Arabic Dialects

Arabic Grammar, Orthography & Verb Conjugation

  • ElixirFM (can conjugate verbs as well as derive participles and masdars. The conjugation/inflection mode is not limited to verbs, you can in  fact inflect also nouns, adjectives, pronouns, numerals, and some prepositions. ElixirFM can be also used as a dictionary or as a  morphological analyzer of Arabic texts; click the ElixirFM  Inflect mode. The screen will show an example query. In the right  field, you can specify the Arabic citation form of the word you want  to inflect. You can even write down the English translation of the  word you are interesed in. It is possible to input the Arabic script  using an intuitive Latin transcription (click on the Yamli icon for  more help).
    The left field of the form indicates what morphological parameters you  are interested in. You can use common linguistic names for them, such  as 'perfect' or 'indicative', or use abbreviations, like 'perf' or  'ind'. The parameters that you leave unrestricted will be iterated  over, so you can easily obtain whole paradigms of inflected word 
    forms. The default example says 'perfect active third imperative', which will  give you all third person perfective active verb forms and all  imperative verb forms. You can modify this easily to relax or restrict  the space of inflectional parameters according to your needs).
  • Arabic Grammar Tools
  • Verb Chart
  • Arabic Ten Verb Forms Interactive Sound Chart (interactive Arabic 10 Verb Forms sound chart to help fellow students to learn the 10 verb forms)
  • Qutrub قطرب
  • ACON أكون
  • A Python Library for Arabic Word Tagging (Naftawayh is a python library for Arabic word tagging (word 
    classification) into types (nouns, verbs, stopwords), which is useful in  language processing, especially for text mining. Naftawayh works  according to the Arabic word structure, and the ability to guess the  word class, through certain signs).
  • An Eleven Century Précis of Arabic Ortography (Wadad Al-Qadi (Hrsg.): Studia arabica & islamica: Festschrift für Ihsan Abbas on his sixtieth birthday. Beirut: American University of Beirut, 1981, S. 165-182.)
  • The Phonology of Classical Arabic Meter / Chris Golston & Tomas Riad.
  • Arabic Concordance tool : aConcorde is a multi-lingual concordance tool. Originally developed for native Arabic concordance, it posses basic concordance functionality, as well as English and Arabic interfaces. Written in Java, so will run on any platform that has the Java Runtime Environment installed.

Learning & Teaching Arabic

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