Arabic Political Fiction in English Translation

Brunais, Andrea, 1954- Night of the Litani / Andrea Brunais. -- Tampa, Fla. : Mancorp Pub., c1996. (This is a tale of romance and political intrigue that trails from a prominent university town in Michigan to the battle-weary shores of southern Lebanon. Veteran journalist Andrea Brunais is editorial page editor for The Tallahassee Democrat. Named Outstanding Graduate in journalism by the faculty at the University of South Florida) *olin PS;3552;.R7994N5x;1996*

Habibi, Imil. [Waqa al-gharibah fi ikhtifa Said Abi al-Nahs al-Mutashail. English] The secret life of Saeed, the ill-fated pessoptimist : a Palestinian who became a citizen of Israel / by Emile Habiby ; translated from the Arabic by Salma Khadra Jayyusi and Trevor Le Gassick. -- London : Zed, 1985. xx, 169 p. ; 20 cm. ISBN 0533049679 : $8.95 (Political satire depicting episodes of a Palestinian's entanglement as an informer for the Israelis) *uris PJ7828.B58 W2;1989*

Jabra, Jabra Ibrahim. Hunters in a narrow street. London, Heinemann [1960] -- 232 p. 19 cm. (Expulsion of the Palestinians in 1948 upon the creation of Israel; political life in pre-1958 revolution Baghdad) *olin PJ;7840;.A129 H9;1997*

al-Lawzi, Salim. [al-Muhajirun. English] The emigres : a novel / by Salim el Lozi ; translated from the Arabic. -- London : Allison & Busby, 1977. *olin PJ7844.A96 E5;1977*

Mahfuz, Najib, 1912- [Thartharah fawqa al-Nil. English] Adrift on the Nile / Naguib Mahfouz ; translated by Frances Liadet. -- New York : Anchor Books, 1994.(A daring depiction of the corruption in Nasser's Egypt; N.M. almost got into trouble for writing them)

Mahfuz, Najib, 1912- Miramar / Naguib Mahfouz ; translated from Arabic by Fatma Moussa-Mahmoud ; edited and revised by Maged el Kommos and John Rodenbeck ; introd. by John Fowles. -- London : Heinemann in association with the American University in Cairo Press, c1978. (African writers series ; 197) *olin PJ7846.A28 M6;1978*

Moosa, Matti. The origins of modern Arabic fiction / Matti Moosa. -- 2nd ed. -- Boulder, Colo. : Lynne Rienner Publishers, 1997. (Arabic fiction, 1801- )

Salih, al-Tayyib. [Mawsim al-hijrah ila al-Shamal. English] Season of migration to the North / Tayeb Salih ; translated from the Arabic byDenys Johnson-Davies. -- London : Heinemann, 1969, 1970 printing. 169 p. ; 19 cm. -- (African writers series ; 66) (Postcolonial metaphorical "mimicry" of J. Conrad's "Heart of Darkness"by a Sudanese writer)

Shammas, Anton. [Arabeskot. English] Arabesques / Anton Shammas ; translated from the Hebrew by Vivian Eden. -- 1stPerennial Library ed. -- New York : Perennial Library : Harper & Row, 1989. 263 p. ; 22 cm. -- (Perennial Fiction library) ISBN 0060915838 (Prize winning novel written in Hebrew about Palestinians)

Soueif, Ahdaf. In the eye of the sun / Ahdaf Soueif. -- 1st American ed. -- New York : Pantheon Books, [1993], c1992. 791 p. ; 25 cm. ISBN 0679409483 : $25.00(Takes place before and in the aftermath of the 1967 war)

Zangana, Haifa, 1950- Through the vast halls of memory / Haifa Zangana ; translated from Arabic by Paul Hammond and the author. -- Paris : Hourglass, c1991. 79 p. : ill. ; 22 cm. ISBN 2908859017 : $7.50 (Autobiographical novel by a woman journalist from Iraqi Kurdistan. It's the story of a leftist prisoner's experience a with Saddam's secret services)