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  • Free Bibliographic Service:

    • AlKindi (, the online catalogue of IDEO (Dominican Institute for Oriental Studies, Cairo). IDEO is a research institute specialised in the texts of the first millennium of Arabic and Islamic culture (7th‒16th centuries). Our collection gathers 125,000 monographs and 1,800 journals. We believe that the value of such a catalog stems not only from the quantity of documents it describes but also from the quality of its metadata: we have 20,000 records of classical Arabic works from the first Hijri millennium and 14,000 authority records of the same period.
    • Since 1979, the Documentation Center of the Moshe Dayan Center has catalogued periodical articles on the Middle East in a database now comprising more than 100,000 entries. The Press Archive of the Moshe Dayan Center is the most comprehensive collection of contemporary (post-1950) Arabic press in the world, including over 5,000 distinct titles of newspapers, magazines, and periodicals. In many respects the collection is unique, and includes not only the established daily press of the Arab world, but also many rare, ephemeral, and clandestine publications. The Press Archive also has significant holdings of the Iranian press. The Center is publishing a series of comprehensive country catalogues of the collection.

      The Dayan Center Bibliographical Database "The Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies is an interdisciplinary research center devoted to the study of the modern history and contemporary affairs of the Middle East and Africa. The Center does not take positions or recommend policies. Through research, publications, conferences, documentary collections, and public service, it seeks to inform civil society and promote dialogue on the complexities of the ever-changing Middle East. In doing so, the Center hopes to advance peace through understanding.
      Since 1979, the Library of the Moshe Dayan Center has electronically cataloged articles, pamphlets and occasional publications on the Middle East published in English, French, and Arabic. The catalog now consists of over 100,000 entries.
      Searches are by title, author, keyword, or journal name. Results may be e-mailed back to the user. "


  • Algeria: A Bibliography of Events Since 1991
  • Arabian Nights Bibliography compiled by Ulrich Marzolph.
    "The present Bibliography aims to list a representative selection of research publications on the Arabian Nights (Alf Laylah wa-laylah, Les Mille et une Nuits, Tausendundeine Nacht etc.) published in European languages, while also including some important books and articles published in other languages. Initially being based on the bibliography in The Arabian Nights Encyclopedia (Marzolph and van Leeuwen 2004, 811–852), the present Bibliography bears witness to the renewed and continued interest in theNights resulting from its tercentenary celebrations in 2004. Aiming to be comprehensive, but not necessarily exhaustive, the Bibliography at present lists more than 500 items. It is conceived as an ongoing project and will be updated at regular intervals. Most items quoted treat particular aspects of the Arabian Nights, with the exception of items discussing the scholars to whose endeavours we owe the most important European editions. Numerous publications bearing a secondary relevance for the study of the Nightshave not been included. Also, editions of the Nights in international languages are not listed, while a number of them contain important essays on the history and character of the Nights. The compiler appreciates comments and critique as well as suggestions for items to be added.
    As a further service to the scholarly community, we offer to supply scans of the items listed below, most of which are available here. In the future, we aim to link pdf-scans to specific items that are out of copyright."


The Gulf

​​Ibn Asakir


  • Persian Publications (North America based publications)
  • Iranian "Banned books" [According to the website admins, you can download "all" books banned in Iran, past and present, for free with a direct link from here.]
  • Oral History Program, the Foundation for Iranian Studies
  • The papers of Sattareh Farman-Farmaian, retired Los Angeles social worker, and founder and director of the first school of social work in Iran, the Tehran School of Social Work (1958-1979), are now open to research at the Schlesinger Library. Consisting of nearly two linear feet of material related to the promotion of her autobiography, Daughter of Persia: A Woman's Journey from Her Father's Harem through the Islamic Revolution, the papers include family and biographical information; letters from fans; speeches and interviews (many on audiotape); publicity materials; conference material; articles and clippings; and photographs.  The collection was processed by Mark Vassar. 











  • Bibliography on Palestinian Women
  • A Bibliography  on Christianity in Palestine/Eretz-Israel This ongoing bibliographical project was launched in the year 2000 on behalf of the Center for the Study of Christianity of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Its immediate purpose is to fill the evident gap in the set of bibliographical resources and provide a convenient and easily accessible tool for the worldwide scholarly community. The ultimate goal of the project, of which the results of only the first stage are now being made available, is to assemble as much bibliographical material as possible so that eventually a comprehensive bibliography on Christianity in Palestine will become available.    
  • Comprehensive Bibliography on Syriac Christianity It was during the sixteenth century in Renaissance Europe that, as a result of the efforts of the Catholic and Protestant scholars of the New Testament, Syriac studies became a part of European intellectual life. Since then, the number of scholarly publications on various matters related to the history, culture and religious life of Syriac-speaking Christians has only increased. As these publications are in a variety of languages, and many of them scattered through journals and periodicals belonging to various academic fields, it is often difficult to obtain precise information on what has already been published on one or another aspect of Syriac Christianity. Our project aims to fill the evident gap in the bibliographical resources and provide a convenient and easily accessible tool for the worldwide scholarly community. The ultimate goal of this project is to create and launch an on-line database on Syriac Christianity that will be updated on a regular basis and available free of charge to the international scholarly community.     


Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi Arabia (Library of Congress / Federal Research Division)

Turkey/Turkish - Ottoman

  • Osmanlı Edebiyatı Bibliyografyası Veritabanı - The Online Bibliography of Ottoman-Turkish Literature Welcome to The Online Bibliography of Ottoman-Turkish Literature, a free and extensive database of references to theses, books, articles, papers and projects relating to research into Ottoman-Turkish culture. Please visit the Turkish version of this site if your first language is Turkish. 
  • Books and Publications on Turkey
  • National Library of Turkey
  • Bibliography of articles published in Turkish Periodicals
  • Women's library in İstanbul
  • Türkiye Yazmaları (Manuscripts of Turkey):

    Your browser may warn you that this is not a trusted source. It did warn me, but I went ahead and used the source with no problems. (Apparently, they are in the process of obtaining a new security certificate, and the issue should be resolved soon.)

    On this site, you can search manuscripts in Turkey, see some of them online, and even order digital copies of pages, paying a certain amount per page with the credit you purchase with your credit card online. I believe the search function is open to all -- you do not have to be a member to the site. You just have to make sure that you can use Turkish letters in your browsing software so that you can enter the right diacritics for modern Turkish (circumflexes do not seem to matter). After you enter a search term, like the author "Mustafa Ali,"
    you get to a page where all the relevant manuscripts are shown to you by name, call number, etc. On that page, on the right hand side there is a column called "G." If you see an eye on that column, you can actually view the manuscript online (click on the call number, then scroll down on the next page and select a page from the thumbview) -- but only if you get a membership. After you get a membership, the page you see will have the logo of the Turkish Ministry of Culture in the center. But if you purchase some credit and "buy" a digital copy of the page, the copy you download comes without the watermark logo.

  • Ilahiyat Makaleler Veri Tabani:

    This is a database of articles on Islamic Studies published in the circles of Theology Faculties in Turkey. Once you click on "arama sayfasi" on the upper right corner, you get to the database search page. I just tried the keyword "osmanli" [with an I, though, that is an "i" without a dot] and got 183 entries for many of which the database includes a pdf copy of the relevant article (the announcement page states that they have 15,000 entries and 11,500 pdf documents).

  • (Ottoman-)Turkish e-books

  • Archive of Turkish Oral Narrative (U-W ATON) = Uysal-Walker Archive of Turkish Oral Narrative - Türk Öykürleri Sandığı "... more than 3,000 folktales and related forms make it one of the largest collections of Turkish oral narrative in the world. Almost all of its holdings were collected by the donors between 1961 and the present."
  • AN EVLIYA ÇELEBI BIBLIOGRAPHY / Robert Dankoff and Semih Tezcan

Western Sahara

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